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my3pauls   in reply to butterfly22   on

free money to help pay bills

 in response to Bri@AU...   

I am in Ohio and attending a private university.  You need to go to your financial aid office, immediately, and ask to meet with a financial aid advisor.  Though grants are usually based on financial need, your financial aid office has some ability to make "adjustments" to the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) when there has been an unforeseen, extreme change in financial situation that is not temporary.  My school reviewed my file once the child support I was receiving for my teenage daughter stopped upon her high school graduation, reducing my household income by almost $10K/year.  Though it was part of my household income for the previous year, they were able to make an adjustment as I had proof that was no longer an income to our home.  They were able to double my Pell Grant as a result.  Tell them what you've posted here, and see what they might be able to offer - might even include work study, grants, hardship grants, institutional grants, etc...


Good luck!

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What's on your heart and mind today?

Where can I sell gold jewelry without being ripped off at a local store?

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Ohio WIC Information

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